Acclaimed professional team of career genealogists will research your family heritage upon request.

Heritage Consulting Professional Genealogy Research Services is a group of seasoned professional genealogists, in the business of helping people discover their ancestors for over 35 years. Our genealogy help will assist you in solving the puzzle of your family history using the records of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, the largest genealogical repository in the world.

We can help you find your ancestors home sites and villages in preparation for your grand excursion and exciting and adventurous visit to these places.

Call Heritage Consulting for a professional genealogy consultation. You will speak directly with a professional genealogist about your particular travel and research goals.


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Our Team

Expert Geneaologists

Stan Lindaas

Professional Genealogist Stan’s particular strength lies in Twentieth Century records, as he is a much sought-after probate researcher, locating heirs to estates. He is experienced in adoption cases and missing persons, and has a broad range of general family history research experience, with over 35 years in the business. He frequently gives entertaining and enlightening lectures to genealogical societies visiting the Family History Library. Former editor of the Utah Genealogical Society Journal, past president of the local chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and board member of ProQuest.

  • Twentieth Century Records 85%
  • General Family History Research 68%

Raquel Lindaas

B. A., Accredited Genealogist® Raquel earned her Bachelor’s Degree in History, and became accredited in Southern States research in 1998. She contracted with other genealogical research companies, until becoming co-owner of Heritage Consulting with her husband Stan. Raquel has research experience in various parts of the U. S., but enjoys the challenge of the South. Member, Association of Professional Genealogists.

  • Southern States Geneaology 85%
  • North American Geneaology 66%

Jane Bramwell

B. A., M. A., Professional Genealogist Jane holds a bachelor’s degree in history, and two master’s degrees, in history and library sciences. She has directed three public libraries, heading their genealogy departments. She spent several years in Boston, working at Goodspeed’s Book Shop and for the New England Genealogical Society. Her experience as a professional genealogist goes back to 1995, and she specializes in lineage society applications.

  • Lineage Society Applications 80%
  • History & Library Sciences 72%

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