Visit the towns, villages, hamlets, pastoral country-side, and homes in which your ancestors lived.

Enter the edifices of their places of worship where they were christened as infants, married their sweethearts, and from whence they were buried.

Heritage Journeys will customize your trek of discovery providing you with:


Research experts to locate the people and places of your history


Travel and tour professionals to prepare every aspect of your trip


Local guides to share the tantalizing tidbits about the local history.

Stroll through the cemeteries where their mortal remains lie.

Walk the streets and fields they called home.

Visit the port cities from which they embarked on their journey to lands across the seas.


We will analyze the information about your family history information which you already have then our professional research staff will research to identify specific places of residence, stories, and historical information for your ancestors.


Using the information gleaned from the research and the expertise of our travel division we will create a unique and personal itinerary for your tour.


All accommodations, transportation, and tour guide services will be arranged for you.


We offer professional videography services to chronicle your visit of the sites and countryside as well as your family’s experience.

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